Advertising – Kappa Puzzles

With a 60-year history in puzzle publications, Kappa Publishing Group, LLC, and affiliates (Kappa) is the largest publisher of puzzle magazines in the world.

Kappa publishes more than 60 puzzle magazine titles per month, offering its readers all levels of professionally crafted puzzles in such categories as: word searches, fill-ins, cryptograms, TV crosswords, and all variety puzzle.

Kappa puzzle magazines provide advertisers the opportunity to reach a highly specific and desirable demographic, as a large portion of its readers are females over the age of 35.

Advertisers benefit by the fact that unlike general interest magazines, puzzle solvers are likely to spend time on every page of every issue, and not discard it after reading an article or two. Additionally, reader surveys show that, on the average, Kappa puzzle magazines are shared by two or more people within the household, providing advertisers with even further exposure.

Advertisers can also enjoy the advantage of group pricing across Kappa’s array of puzzle magazines, while being assured that there is a minimum of crossover among the huge variety of titles.

On sale at supermarkets, drug chains, discount, and convenience stores nationwide, Kappa’s puzzle magazines have the reach you’ll need to market your product or service. In fact, over 80% of Kappa’s advertisers are “repeat customers,” some for 10 years or more!

For advertising rates or any further information, please call 215-643-6385 ext. 158.