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A completed Fill-In is just like a completed crossword. Across and down words cross each other. Each letter in an across word is part of a down word. But, instead of definitions, we give you all the answer words and arrange them alphabetically by length. In the first several puzzles, we’ve provided a starting word. Next look for possible crossing words. Lightly pencil in one choice from the Word List. Now, look at the letters and check to see if there are words in the word list that can cross your penciled-in choice. For example, if your penciled-in word starts with a “J,” be sure there is a crossing word with a “J” in the correct position. If there isn’t, pencil in another word. Continue until you are sure that your word is the one that fits there. Then, cross off that choice from the World List. As you solve, the number of remaining words in the Word List gets smaller and solving is faster. Number puzzles work the same way, using numbers instead of words. We know that you’ll find these puzzles a relaxing diversion and a pleasant challenge. Happy solving!

Click HERE to try a sample puzzle.