Bargain Pack and Subscription FAQs

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Bargain Pack FAQs:

1) What is a Bargain Pack?
A Bargain Pack is a collection of back issues for whichever type of puzzle you choose. It is a one-time shipment, and they come in packs of either 7 or 21 magazines. You can browse the available options here.

2) How can I track my order?
We ship our Bargain Packs through USPS Periodical Mail, which does not provide tracking information.

3) When will I receive my order?
Your Bargain Pack should arrive within 3-4 weeks for an online order, or 5-7 weeks for a mail order.* If it does not arrive within the applicable timeframe, please contact Customer Service by clicking here and filling out the form.
*Please note that this is a general estimate. The estimated delivery window may increase during major US holidays.

4) Can you send my Bargain Pack sooner?
We cannot expedite shipment. If you need it to arrive by a particular date, we recommend that you place your order at least 4 weeks ahead of time.

5) Can I customize my Bargain Pack?
The contents of each package are dependent on what’s currently in stock at our warehouse, so we don’t fulfill custom orders at this time.

6) Do Bargain Packs contain duplicate magazines?
No. Each Bargain Pack contains a variety of magazines in your favorite puzzle category. There will be multiple copies of the same magazine, but each issue is unique. For example, you can receive the May, June, and July issue of the same magazine. You will also receive a variety of other magazine titles. Because Bargain Packs are assembled in bulk at one time, duplicate orders of the same product will result in duplicate magazines.

7) What if I want a specific magazine?
If you are interested in a particular magazine of ours, you may prefer a subscription. That is the best way to guarantee that you will receive exactly what you’re wanting!

Kappa Subscription FAQs:

1) What is a subscription?
Subscriptions are our delivery service of our newest magazines. When you subscribe to a magazine, you will get the newest issue of that magazine mailed to you, as it is published. You will receive it for as long as you are subscribed to it!

2) When does my subscription begin?
Your first issue typically will be mailed out to you 6 to 8 weeks after we’ve received your subscription order. (Please note that this will vary if subscribing to a quarterly or bi monthly issued magazine.)

3) When should I renew?
To avoid an interruption in your subscription, it is recommended that you renew your subscription 8 to 10 weeks in advance.

4) When do I know if my subscription needs to be renewed?
When your subscription is getting close to needing to be renewed, we will contact you with a reminder. Or you can look at the label on your magazine for the date of the last magazine you will be getting with this subscription.
Magazine label

5) Who do I contact if I have a problem with my subscription, or need to change my address?
You can contact us by Phone at 1(866)-967-3386; Mon-Fri 8am-7pm EST and Saturday from 9a-5pm. Or by email at: allkappatitles@emailcustomerservice.com

6) What is a subscription agency and why is this important to note?
A subscription agency is a third party vendor who offers different magazines from different publishers all in one place. An example is “Magazines.com”. When you use a 3rd party agency, they take your information, they take your payment, and they manage your subscription. It is up to them to notify us when you subscribe, what you subscribe to, and when you renew your subscription. Any payment concerns or changes to your subscription’s address, renewal or cancellation must be handled through the 3rd party agency that you place your order with.
When you subscribe with Kappa, your relationship is direct and there is no third party involved.

7) What if I don’t need the newest issue of a magazine? Or I want a lot of magazines all at once?
Bargain Packs are a great alternative to subscriptions. They can come in packs of 7 or 21 magazines grouped by puzzle type (crosswords, word finds, sudoku, fill-ins, etc.) They arrive by mail all at one time. And best of all, no duplicates in a pack!