Print-at-Home End of the Line  


  • 24 puzzle pages with 6 puzzles each
  • Answers included
  • PDF format for easy printing
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How to Solve:
In each of the puzzles, the completed diagram will include each of the numbers 1 to 4 exactly once in every row and every column. Since there are six squares in each row and column, two squares in each row and column will be left blank (or marked with an X, if you prefer). Your only clues are the numbers given at the beginning and/or end of the rows and columns. A ‘‘3’’ at the right end of a row, for example, means that the last filled (non-empty) square in that row will hold a 3. Likewise, a ‘‘2’’ at the top of a column indicates that the first non-empty square in that column holds a 2. When no number is given, it means only that the clue has been withheld.

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Download a Sample Puzzle Page

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