Print-at-Home Droplines


  • 24 puzzle pages with 4 puzzles each
  • Answers included
  • PDF format for easy printing
  • Download will be available immediately after checkout

How to Solve:
An interesting quotation has been fit into each of the diagrams on the page, though you’ll have to rearrange the letters considerably to find it. Looking at each column of letters vertically, distribute the letters in it into the empty squares directly below. The black squares show you the spaces between the words in the quotation. They’ll help you decide just which box to use for each letter over it in order to spell out the Droplines quotation. One letter has been dropped in place in the first quotation to start you off.

Please note you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open your Print-at-Home Puzzles. You can download it here for FREE.

Download a Sample Puzzle Page

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